Impact of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Training on Self Awareness and Ability for Contact

A new article by Biljana van Rijn, Ciara Wild, Heather Fowlie, Charlotte Sills, and Servaas van Beekum is published in the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research, Vol 2, No 1 (2011).


This research was a small scale quantitative study involving students undergoing Relational Transactional Analysis psychotherapy training at Metanoia Institute in London in the UK between September 2007 and July 2008. The researchers aimed to evaluate the impact of the training on students’ psychological health, using the ‘Autonomy Questionnaire’ (Beekum & Krijgsman, 2000). This allowed measurement of developments in students’ self awareness and ability for contact with others during their second year of training (first year of clinical practice) compared to students in their 4th and final year. The scope of the study and the findings are exploratory. The research raises questions for further research in the areas of psychotherapy training and supervision.

The full text is available to all as a pdf from the Journal’s website, just register:

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