The Research Clinic at Metanoia Counselling and Psychotherapy Service (MCPS) is a development of the long-standing in-house service. MCPS Research clinic continues to provide practice placements for students as well as the low cost counselling and psychotherapy service to the public. In addition to this, the research clinic provides ongoing evaluation of humanistic and integrative psychotherapies and counselling approaches in a medium term clinical setting (from six months to a year).

Research Project:

Reviewing and validating the scientific foundations of Transactional Analysis practice and research.

This project aims to review and validate the scientific foundations of any types of TA practices and research. This research is intended to act as a step and a resource towards developing further evaluative research in Transactional Analysis.

Published results:

van Rijn, Biljana. (2021). Vos,J & van Rijn,B. (2021) The Evidence-Based Conceptual Model of Transactional Analysis: A Focused Review of the Research Literature, Transactional Analysis Journal,. Transactional Analysis Journal. 51. 10.1080/03621537.2021.1904364.

Vos, Joel & van Rijn, Biljana. (2021). A Systematic Review of Psychometric Transactional Analysis Instruments. Transactional Analysis Journal. 51. 10.1080/03621537.2021.1904360.

Vos, Joel & van Rijn, Biljana. (2021). The Transactional Analysis Review Survey: An Investigation Into Self-Reported Practices and Philosophies of Psychotherapists. Transactional Analysis Journal. 51. 1-16. 10.1080/03621537.2021.1904355.

Research Reports:

Van Rijn,B., Falconer,C., Chryssafidou,E., Stiles,W.B. (2017) Avatar Based Counselling Within A School Setting. Case Study ‘Richard’. Research report. UK:Metanoia Institute, Nottingham University and University of Roehampton and US:Miami University

Cooper,M., Chryssafidou,E., van Rijn,B. (2016). ProReal Avatar based counselling with Young People. Evaluation report. University of Roehampton and Metanoia Institute

Van Rijn, B., Cooper, M., & Wild, C. (2014). ProReal-based therapy within a prison setting. Evaluation report. London: Metanoia Institute and University of Roehampton.

Conference Presentations:

2021 EATA, European Research and Theory Development Conference, Belgrade, Serbia, July

2021 Panel:The evidence basis of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy: results from an international survey, systematic literature reviews and meta-analyse. Dr Joel Vos and Dr Biljana van Rijn.

2021  SPR, International Conference, Heidelberg, Germany,June 2021

Paper: Assimilating Problematic Life Script Themes in Supervision. Van Rijn,B,Agar,J.,Sills,C., Stiles,W.B. Panel Title: The Development of Responsive Therapists Through Training and Supervision: From Helping Skills to Assimilation of Life Script Themes

2019 SPR UK and European Chapters, Krakow

Contrasting use of avatar-base software by two adolescents in school counselling:Theory-building cases studies on the assimilation model. Van Rijn,Chryssafidou and Stiles

Panel paper

2019 Chryssafidou, E., van Rijn, B., Falconer, C., & Stiles, W. B. (2019, July). Can digital imagery contribute to therapeutic communication and assimilation in school counseling? The case of Sophie. In W. B. Stiles (Moderator), Techniques for facilitating assimilation in treatment of children and adolescents. Panel presented at the Society for Psychotherapy Research Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2019  2nd International  Conference on Pluralistic Counselling and PsychotherapyUnconscious processes in pluralistic practice: Perspectives on contracting, pluralism, and directionality, panel discussion.

2018 Metanoia Institute Research Academy, London.
Developing use of creative media in psychotherapy. Case study research into avatar based therapy ‘Richard’, keynote

2018 Winter School of Transactional Analysis, Balkan association of Transactional Analysis with EATA., Belgrade.
‘Transactional Analysis and psychotherapy research. Research directions and key questions’, keynote

2017 SPR UK and European Chapters, 4th Joint Conference, Oxford, UK.
Van Rijn,B., Falconer,C., Chryssafidou,E., Stiles, W.B
Digital images as meaning bridges. Case study research into the use of avatar based software by adolescents in school counselling.
Panel on assimilation directions in counselling. Paper

2017 SPR UK and European Chapters, 4th Joint Conference, Oxford, UK.
Lofffler-Statstka et. al.
The SPRISTAD Study of Psychotherapist Development in Training-Experiences and challenges of data collection in different countries and its impact on research activity.
Structured Discussion

2017 SPR UK and European Chapters, 4th Joint Conference,Oxford, UK.
Lukac-Greenwood,J., van Rijn,B.
Let’s talk about Sex: An investigation into female psychotherapist’s experience of male clients’ sexual attraction towards them.

2017 SPR 48th Annual International Meeting, Toronto, Canada.
Stiles,W.B., van Rijn, B., Falconer,C.
Digital images as therapeutic meaning bridges: Use of avatars by a 14 year-old boy in school counseling

2017 BACP Research Conference, Chester, UK.
Van Rijn,B.,Fa;Falconer,C.,Chryssafidou,E.,Stiles,B.
Avatar Based Counselling for Young People. Case Study ‘Richard’

2017 BACP Research Conference,Chester, UK.
Chryssafidou,E.,Cooper,M.,van Rijn.B.

2016 SPR 47th Annual International meeting, Jerusalem, Israel.
(van Rijn,B.,Wild,C.) Evaluation of Transactional Analysis psychotherapy in the treatment of depression, anxiety and clinical levels of general distress. Routine Outcomes Evaluation within a community clinic
Panel: The Effectiveness of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety:Findings from Practice-Based Research

2015 SPR 8th European Conference on psychotherapy research: Studying the development of psychotherapy trainees: The SPRISTAD international collaborative multisite project. Structured discussion

2015 European Transactional Analysis Research and Development Conference
Van Rijn, B. (2015). How do we demonstrate the effectiveness of TA psychotherapy practice in research. Exploration of an adherence questionnaire in Relational Transactional Analysis. Paper presented at the EATA Conference 2015.1st EATA Development and Research Conference, Rome, Italy.

2015 UKCP Research Conference,London
Comparison of Transactional Analysis Group and Individual Psychotherapies in the treatment of Depression and Anxiety. Outcomes in community clinics
Van Rijn,B., paper.

2014 Society for Psychotherapy Research Conference. Symposium:
The outcomes of pluralistic therapy for depression
Biljana van Rijn, Mick Cooper, John McLeod, Tony Ward, Simon Cassar
Client-identified helpful factors in pluralistic therapy for depression
Pavlina Antoniou, Mick Cooper, John McLeod, Biljana van Rijn, Tony Ward, Simon Cassar
The development of an auditing tool for assessing adherence to pluralistic practice
John McLeod, Biljana van Rijn, Tony Ward, Mick Cooper, Simon Cassar

2013 UKCP Research Conference, London, UK.
How relevant is a client’s choice of a therapist on psychotherapy outcomes? Evaluation of Humanistic and Integrative Student Practice within a Research Clinic
Van Rijn,B. paper

2013 BACP Research Conference, Birmingham, UK.
Research Clinic. Routine Outcomes Evaluation of Humanistic and Integrative Therapy
Van Rijn, B., Wild,C. Paper

2012 European Transactional Analysis Research Conference, Luton, UK.
Research Clinic. Development, Outcome and Challenges
Van Rijn,B. Paper

2011 Transactional Analysis World Conference, Bilbao, E.
Research and Relational Psychotherapy
Van Rijn,B. Symposium

2010 International Transactional Analysis Association, Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada.
Research Clinics: A Way Forward in Evidencing Effectiveness of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.
Van Rijn,B. Paper

2010 United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Inaugural Annual Research Conference, London, UK.
Developing a Research Clinic. Collaboration With a Local PCT
Van Rijn,B. Paper

2010 Society for Psychotherapy Integration XXVI International Conference, Florence, Italy.
Researching Practice: Making an Impact on the Field of Psychotherapy
Van Rijn,B. Symposium

2009 CORE System User Conference, UK.
Getting Comfortable with CORE
Van Rijn,B. Workshop

2009 Transactional Analysis International Trainers Meeting, Rome, Italy.
How do we need to engage with Research in Transactional Analysis Van Rijn,B. Workshop

2008 British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy !4th Annual Research Conference, Cardiff, UK.
I’m doing so Well, Why do I feel so Bad? Action Research in Psychotherapy Training
Van Rijn,B. Paper

2008 United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Supervision Conference, London, UK.
Cycles of Reflection in Mind. Action Research in Supervision
Van Rijn,B. Paper

2007 Institute of Transactional Analysis, Annual Conference, Keele, UK.
Developing a research attitude and reflexivity in clinical training
Van Rijn,B. Paper

2007 Metanoia Institute conference ,London, UK.
How do I become an Effective Practitioner
Van Rijn,B. Paper

2007 United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Annual Conference, Torquay, UK.
Evidence Based Practice or Practice Based Evidence
Van Rijn,B. Workshop

2004 International Trainers Meeting, European Transactional Analysis Association, Rome, Italy.
Action Research at Metanoia Institute
Van Rijn,B. Paper

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