New Article: Female therapists’ experiences of working with male clients who are sexually attracted to them

Lukac-Greenwood,J, van Rijn,B.( 2021) Female therapists’ experience of working with male clients who are sexually attracted to them – an exploratory study using a Free Association Narrative Interview Method. Couns.Psychother Res.2021;00:1-13.

Just published in Counseling Psychotherapy Research

Searching for safety: Building meaning bridges using digital imagery in school counselling with a female adolescent, ‘Sally’ Biljana van Rijn  William B. Stiles  First published: 24 March 2020 Contributing authors: William B. Stiles (, Evi Chryssafidou ( Abstract According to the assimilation model, psychotherapeutic progress involves building semiotic meaning bridges between disconnected parts ofContinue reading “Just published in Counseling Psychotherapy Research”

Publication in British Journal of Guidance & Counselling

BRITISH JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING Published by Routledge Avatar-based counselling for psychological distress in secondary school pupils: pilot evaluation Mick Cooper, Biljana van Rijn and Evi Chryssafidou Abstract: This study is a pilot evaluation of a new avatar-based therapeutic tool, ProReal, with psychologically distressed young people within a school setting. In total, 54Continue reading “Publication in British Journal of Guidance & Counselling”

SPR Conference 2017 in Oxford

Society for Psychotherapy Research UK & European Chapters 4th joint conference 20 – 22 September 2017 Examination Schools, Oxford “Psychotherapy practice and research: Finding the common ground” I am taking part in a structured discussion ‘The SPRISTAD Study of Psychotherapist Development in Training – Experiences and challenges of data collection in different countries and itsContinue reading “SPR Conference 2017 in Oxford”