Research Clinic Approach to the Evaluation of Integrative and Humanistic Psychotherapies

An article by Biljana van Rijn & Ciara Wild, published in The British Journal of Psychotherapy integration. Volume 7, Issue 2 (2010)

The co-editors of this issue write in the editorial that

Biljana [van Rijn !] and Ciara Wild provide an example of setting up a research clinic to gather practice-based evidence on the effectiveness of both integrative psychotherapy and transactional analysis. This style of research, we believe, can contribute to the current and very political debate on therapeutic effectiveness by providing information from  these two approaches which hitherto have not received attention in the current public debates.

Article abstract:

This article presents a research project that led to the development of a research clinic within Metanoia Institute. The research is an evaluation of brief Integrative Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis within primary care using standardised outcome measures, the Working Alliance Inventory and the measure of adherence to the therapeutic model. The research demonstrates effectiveness of these approaches within NHS and suggests a model of evaluation that can be used within different clinical settings.

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