SPR Conference 2017 in Oxford

Society for Psychotherapy Research
UK & European Chapters
4th joint conference
20 – 22 September 2017
Examination Schools, Oxford
“Psychotherapy practice and research: Finding the common ground”

I am taking part in a structured discussion ‘The SPRISTAD Study of Psychotherapist Development in Training – Experiences and challenges of data collection in different countries and its impact on research activity’ on Wednesday the 20th

On the 21st I am presenting a paper in a panel:
‘New directions in assimilation research: Theory-building case studies on the therapist’s activities in setbacks, assimilating the experience of dementia, and using digital images as meaning bridges’
The title of the paper is ‘Digital images as therapeutic meaning bridges. Case Study research into the use of avatar-based software by adolescents in school counselling’, van Rijn, B., Falconer C., Chryssafidou. E., Stiles, W.B.

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