Just published in Counseling Psychotherapy Research

Searching for safety: Building meaning bridges using digital imagery in school counselling with a female adolescent, ‘Sally’ Biljana van Rijn  William B. Stiles  Evi Chryssafidou First published: 24 March 2020 https://doi.org/10.1002/capr.12309 Contributing authors: William B. Stiles (stileswb@miamioh.edu), Evi Chryssafidou (e.chryssafidou@metanoia.ac.uk). Abstract Objectives According to the assimilation model, psychotherapeutic progress involves building semiotic meaning bridges between disconnectedContinue reading “Just published in Counseling Psychotherapy Research”

Publication in Counselling and Psychotherapy Research

  Our article is published as part of a Special Section: Therapists and Knowledge. Guest Editors: Sofie Bager‐Charleson, Alistair Mcbeath & Simon Du Plock Digital images as meaning bridges: Case study of assimilation using avatar software in counselling with a 14‐year‐old boy Biljana van Rijn Evi Chryssafidou Caroline J. Falconer William B. Stiles First published: 24Continue reading “Publication in Counselling and Psychotherapy Research”