Van Rijn, B., Agar, J., Sills, C., & Stiles, W. B. (2022). Assimilating problematic life script themes in clinical supervision: The case of Adam. 

In transactional analysis theory, life script themes are archaic patterns of experience and interaction, which can emerge during clinical work and impact practice. This study examined whether a newly qualified therapist’s problematic life script themes were detectable in supervision, how they were addressed, and whether addressing them led to assimilation of these themes.

A new paper in a new journal

Biljana van Rijn, Ciara Wild, Patricia Moran Evaluation of Integrative Counselling Psychology and Transactional Analysis in Primary Care Health Setting Journal of Integrative Research, Counselling and Psychotherapy JIRCP pag. 36-46 Abstract The objective of the study was to evaluate Transactional Analysis and Integrative Counselling Psychology as treatments within a health setting. The research was aContinue reading “A new paper in a new journal”

Research and relational psychotherapy

At the Bilbao conference 2011 a new book about Relational Transactional Analysis was presented by the editors Heather Fowlie and Charlotte Sills. My contribution Research and relational psychotherapy forms a chapter in part III : The implications for professional practice. Excerpt from Introduction and basic principles: “Research is not often associated with relational psychotherapy. the gapContinue reading “Research and relational psychotherapy”

Impact of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Training on Self Awareness and Ability for Contact

A new article by Biljana van Rijn, Ciara Wild, Heather Fowlie, Charlotte Sills, and Servaas van Beekum is published in the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research, Vol 2, No 1 (2011). Abstract This research was a small scale quantitative study involving students undergoing Relational Transactional Analysis psychotherapy training at Metanoia Institute in London in theContinue reading “Impact of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Training on Self Awareness and Ability for Contact”

Article about the research clinic at Metanoia

I’ve published an article in Therapy Today (July 2010, Vol.21/Issue6) about the research clinic at Metanoia. The article is part of the BACP research section in the journal and gives concise background information about the set up of the clinic,  its research aims and outcomes at this stage. Research clinic at Metanoia The Metanoia InstituteContinue reading “Article about the research clinic at Metanoia”