Article in Script Magazine (ITAA)

From: Script Magazine VOL. 42, NO. 4  APRIL 2012 Evaluation in Psychotherapy: An Opportunity and a Challenge by Biljana van Rijn Standardized evaluation and the development of clinical guidelines for psychotherapy have had a significant impact on services in the United Kingdom. Health organizations are funding short-term, evidence-based treatments, primarily cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Other evidence-basedContinue reading “Article in Script Magazine (ITAA)”

A new paper in a new journal

Biljana van Rijn, Ciara Wild, Patricia Moran Evaluation of Integrative Counselling Psychology and Transactional Analysis in Primary Care Health Setting Journal of Integrative Research, Counselling and Psychotherapy JIRCP pag. 36-46 Abstract The objective of the study was to evaluate Transactional Analysis and Integrative Counselling Psychology as treatments within a health setting. The research was aContinue reading “A new paper in a new journal”