Presentation at the 19th BACP Research Conference, May 2013

19th Annual BACP Research Conference, 10 & 11 May 2013; Conference title ‘Synergy in counselling & psychotherapy research’ Presenter: Dr Biljana van Rijn and other author: Ciara Wild ABSTRACT: Research Clinic: Routine Outcome Evaluation of Humanistic and Integrative Therapy Keywords (give 5): research clinic, Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapy/counselling; routine outcome evaluation Aim/Purpose: The research wasContinue reading “Presentation at the 19th BACP Research Conference, May 2013”

Article about the research clinic at Metanoia

I’ve published an article in Therapy Today (July 2010, Vol.21/Issue6) about the research clinic at Metanoia. The article is part of the BACP research section in the journal and gives concise background information about the set up of the clinic,  its research aims and outcomes at this stage. Research clinic at Metanoia The Metanoia InstituteContinue reading “Article about the research clinic at Metanoia”